Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Reality TV Future Is Up In The Air – More Focused On His Own Well-Being Right Now

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Dog the Bounty Hunter may not be back to reality TV — any time soon, at least, or perhaps ever, depending upon how things play out.

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He’s still reeling without his wife, Beth Chapman, who died in late June of 2019 after a tough battle with cancer. And according to insiders in the know about Dog’s future plans and current outlook, it sounds like he’s got to take some time to himself to figure some things out before he can even think about returning to television.

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Sources close to the situation spoke to TMZ this weekend about the reality TV star and his mental health in the aftermath of the death of his beloved wife, and it sounds like things are very much touch-and-go at this point. Normally, the real-life bounty hunter would be filming the next season of his hit show Dog’s Most Wanted for WGN right now, but this year, it’s gone on hiatus as the star struggles to get his mind right for the future.

Insiders are saying that the hiatus has given Dog quite a bit of free time with which he’s intent on figuring himself out. He plans to use all the space away from the show here as “me” time in the wake of his wife’s tragic death — and as the outlet reports, he’ll be doing a lot of self-exploration and chasing passions like fishing.”

Dog and Beth were seriously made for each other! / (c) FayesVision/WENN

Nice! Apparently, he has a favorite fishing hole in Colorado, and plans to be there quite a bit in the months ahead. The plan is for him to also continue working with at-risk youth, as well, while he further finishes out some bounty hunter cases in Colorado, to boot — that is his day job, after all, and he can’t just stop it even though his reality TV well may have run dry for now.

The whole thing is interesting, to say the least; Dog’s Most Wanted had been the number one-rated original series on all of WGN last year when it ran. However, the superstation has changed ownership hands recently. With that, it’s unclear if the new head honchos would even be too keen on bringing Dog back into the fold when he’s ready to go again, or if they’d prefer to go another route, as is often the case with TV.

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Whatever happens on air, it’s clear there’s quite a bit going on in Dog’s personal life right now. We can only hope for the best for him and his family, as they continue to grieve Beth and do whatever feels right in their careers, and their personal lives. So much love!

What about U, Perezcious readers?! What do U think about this situation as Dog continues to grieve for his wife while also trying to move on with his life? Share all your opinions and more with us in the comment section (below)…

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