Elsa Comes Out, Olaf Sports Extra Carrot – Deadline

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Saturday Night Live has been skewering Disney for decades (remember Lindsey Lohan in Real Housewives of Disney in 2012? Or Debbie Downer aT Disney World in 2004?) and this weekend’s edition used the studio’s billion-dollar animated hit Frozen 2 to lob some satirical snowballs at corporate Hollywood in this era of woke inclusion.

“I don’t know if we’re headed north, south, gay, or west,” says a somewhat befuddled Elsa, portrayed by Kate McKinnon in animated-tizzy mode.

Elsa was asked by her sister why she offered the queer phrasing (so to speak) and she grew more vexed. “I’m not anything. You have a fulfilling heterosexual marriage at the age of 18 and I’ve just spent two whole movies playing with snow. Both are equal and good. And then in Frozen 3 I can just freeze my eggs.”

Elsa explained to her sister, Anna (Cecily Strong), who promptly breaks out into song. Instead of Let it Go, however, the Airendell royal sang We All Know with lyrics about Elsa’s flimsy facade. (The big giveaway?.Elsa dressed as Brienne of Tarth for three consecutive Halloweens.)

As the skit goes on the audience is treated to some bonus scenes from Frozen 2 that cast the kingdom in a different light. One scene, for example, introduces Airendelle’s only black soldier (“In rural Norway? In 1840? That’s correct.”) and razz the value of tokenism (“Oh yeah it’s a real rainbow of colors now.”) and then goes for a sight gag worthy of middle-school recess by giving Disney’s nutty snowman Olaf an extra carrot that juts from his belt-buckle region. Bob Iger will be so proud..



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