Fatal Mississippi House Fire Claims Lives Of Mother And Six Children

Posted 2020/02/08 0

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This is so sad.

A mother and her six children died early Saturday morning after a massive fire broke out at their Clinton, Mississippi home.

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Clinton Fire Chief Jeff Blackledge told multiple outlets it took 45 minutes, four engines and a ladder truck to get the fire under control after receiving a call about the fire around 12:30 a.m.

Mark Jones, communications director for the city of Clinton, told publications the father survived the deadly fire after attempting to rescue his family from the home. He suffered burns, smoke inhalation, cuts, and bruises and was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Mark said “we ask for your prayers” on behalf of the family and the firefighters who responded to fight the fatal blaze. He noted that the family was “some of the nicest people” he had ever met, adding that the father and his sons would help out nearby neighbors by doing yard work. Jones added:

“During the course of the investigation the state fire marshals and the fire marshal for Clinton will be looking at the cause of the fire and working together to lead the investigation. The house was fully engulfed in flames and we know it was built it 1951.”

No foul play is suspected, Jones said. It may be until next week before the cause of the fire is known as investigators begin to look into the blaze.

The fatal fire took the lives of seven individuals  — whose names have not yet been released publicly — with ages ranging from 1 to 33-years-old, per local CBS affiliate station WJTV.

Chief Fire Marshal Ricky Davis released a statement (below) to the publication advising families to take necessary safety precautions to prevent house fires, as well as information about free smoke alarm installation:

“PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check you smoke alarms in your homes before going to sleep tonight. If your smoke alarms do not work or you are in need of smoke alarms contact your local fire department and they will install some FREE of charge. We do not want our Fire Marshals and Fire Departments to come to your house for a fire resulting in a fire death. We want to see smiling faces and happy families.”

We cannot even imagine what the father is going through. Our hearts go out to the loved ones of those affected.

[Image via WJTV.]


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