Lil Rel Calls Out Tyler Perry For Writing Shows About Black Women But Not Having Black Women In The Writers’ Room

Posted 2020/02/15 0

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Tyler Perry recently caught flack for not having a writers’ room for any of his productions. Lil Rel Howery is commenting on why that is problematic.

The genius behind the Madea character and much more took to Twitter to post a video where he displayed all his finished scripts for his multiple series. He revealed that he has no writers’ room and people commented that the quality of his work could be a lot better if he did.

Perry later explained that long ago, he did employ writers but the quality was not up to par.

Rel was a guest on the New Hollywood Podcast by Deadline where he discussed giving back to those who helped you get to the top. There is an acknowledgment that Tyler helps struggling actors and people get jobs but the Rel star also spoke about what he thinks Perry should do.

‘I love Tyler Perry and I’m proud of him, but I told myself I’m a say something because I don’t agree with that. I don’t understand. You can’t write a show called Sistas and you’re not a sista. So you don’t want no suggestions or nothing? I know we talk a good game about ‘This is what I’m doing, I’m doing this, I’m doing that.’ Once again, I’m talking, but I’m putting my money where my mouth is. I don’t have what he got yet, but as I climb up here, I’m a do even more of that. We gotta do better man. It’s all talk, but if you’re really on that, then give people jobs, bro. You can’t base nothing on one writers’ room, brother. That means you didn’t hire good writers. Find more writers! That’s just real.’


What do you think about the comedian’s comments? Do you think Tyler will ever change his mind again?

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