Lori Harvey Fights Off Car Jacker In Parking Lot And Wins By Using Her Smarts – Check Out The Footage!

Posted 2020/02/09 0

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Lori Harvey managed to outsmart a car jacker and the security camera footage is now on social media much to the excitement of fans who were really impressed to see her win against the thief. Here’s how Lori walked away with no injuries and also kept her car!

The video caught on the security camera of an underground parking garage shows the step-daughter of Steve Harvey fighting off the man who hurried inside her car immediately after she left it.

While she tried to pull the car thief out, he pushed her away a couple of times, so Lori was unable to get him away from the vehicle on her own.

However, soon after, she realized she didn’t have to!

After all, she had the key fob with her which meant that the car would be impossible to start without it so she simply walked away like a boss.

The surveillance video obtained by TMZ goes on to show the man getting out of the car, obviously defeated, a getaway car appears, driven by a second man in a grey hoodie, signaling that it was time to drive away before the cops could show up.

The first man thinks that they could at least grab something from the trunk of Lori’s trunk – two duffle bags!

After the incident, Lori Harvey went ahead and filed for a police report in which she recalled it all.

She explained that she’d suffered no injuries in the confrontation with the car thief.

Furthermore, Lori revealed that all she had in the two duffle bags were only some clothes.

At the time it all happened she was coming back from a short trip to Whole Foods.

Obviously, she could have never imagined something like that would happen to her in that situation but she still ended up outsmarting the perpetrator.


Speaking of TMZ also reports that the police are in possession of the tape and are still looking for the suspects.

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