Marvel Future Avengers Anime Makes Its Disney+ Debut This February

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As Disney continues to add important new titles to its online streaming service, it is clear the company is trying to cast as wide a net as possible to entice potential viewers. One of the latest additions to the slate of upcoming shows is Marvel Future Avengers, which will be released in the west for the first time on Disney+, February 28 according to a new report concerning the scheduled releases.

Marvel Future Avengers was an experimental anime series produced by Marvel as part of a strategy to cater to southeast audiences, where western comics face stiff competition from the region’s homegrown anime and manga offerings. The show was produced in collaboration with the Japanese Animation studio Madhouse and the Japanese wing of the Disney corporation.

Marvel Future Avengers tells the tale of Makoto, Adi, and Chloe, three superpowered teens who are raised by Hydra to believe they are the heroes and the Avengers are the villains. During their first mission in the real world, the teens realize the truth of things, and team up with the Avengers to stop Hydra. It is then that the Avengers take the trio under their wing, dubbing them ‘Future Avengers’, and training them as the newest recruits.

The show ran for 26 episodes in its first season. After that, it was picked up for a second season with 13 episodes. And yet, for one reason or another, the show never aired in the west prior to news of it joining the Disney+ platform. Fans in America will finally be able to take a look at this fresh take on the Avengers, which includes fan-favorite characters like Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Wasp, and Hulk. As of now, we don’t know if the show will be dubbed in English or will air with English subtitles.

The addition of Future Avengers is not the first time Disney+ has shown a desire to add diversity to its supremely popular lineup of MCU movies and related shows. Another interesting addition to the Marvel banner under Disney+ will be the Marvel’s Hero Project, set to premiere on 7th February.

The show takes the basic superhero principle of extraordinary individuals affecting positive change in society into the real world, in the form of a web documentary. Each episode focuses on a young person who is taking a proactive step towards bettering their surroundings. Each person featured in an episode gets a custom-made Marvel comic dedicated to them, which will be available to read online upon each episode’s airing.

So Marvel fans have a lot of new content to look forward to on Disney+ this year, which is a good thing since we are only getting two MCU films for the entire year. But still perhaps the most anticipated Marvel offering under Disney this year is the show WandaVision, because of the hype surrounding its plot and the strong hints that it will irrevocably reshape the entire MCU going forward.

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