Meghan Markle FAKING Love For Prince Harry, Suggests Celebrated Feminist Author – WTF!

Posted 2020/02/12 0

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Could Meghan Markle really have been faking her relationship with Prince Harry all this time? That’s a very real possibility according to one controversial commentator.

Germaine Greer is an Australian author known for her work in “second-wave” feminism found in works like the 1970 book The Female Eunuch. However, she’s quickly becoming more known for her hot takes on the Duchess of Sussex.

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Back in May of 2018, on the eve of the Royal Wedding, Greer appeared on ITV‘s This Morning and predicted Meghan would “leave within 5 years.” She said at the time:

“What I find interesting here is I don’t think she’ll bolt before the wedding. I think they’ve got her feet nailed to the floor at the moment. But most of the royal spouses bolt eventually if you think of the track record. I don’t think I’d get odds if I tried to get on now to back her to leave within 5 years.”

When asked if she thought she was being overly pessimistic, she responded:

“I don’t want to be the wicked witch. If I say I think she’ll bolt, I’m actually probably saying I hope she’ll bolt before her possibility of a life is completely eradicated by the dreariness of the firm.”

Huh. Oddly, that prediction kinda sorta did come true. Within a year and a half, Meghan did “bolt” in a sense with the decision to step down as a senior member of the royal family — though obviously she took Harry and baby Archie with her.

It was Megxit that Greer discussed in her latest appearance on Australia’s 60 Minutes this week, pointing out everyone who thought Meghan would modernize the “stuffy” family was wrong and wondering aloud whether “the firm can’t deal with women.”

“The English have never really liked women terribly, but they certainly haven’t helped her.”

Damn. She also speculates Harry fell for Meghan because “he was looking for a way out.”

On the decision to leave, Greer puts her prediction hat on once again and says:

“I think they may have miscalculated. I think they may slide into obscurity. If you actually look at the vast panoply of Royal relatives, many of them are completely obscure.”

Most controversially this time she said about Meghan’s choices:

“All I can think is she’d better be in love. If she’s been faking it all this time, oh boy, what misery. How many orgasms will it take? How many fake groans will get her through this?”

Wow. Just wow. Sometimes we think we are too cynical, but this woman makes us look like Anne with an E.

She really suggested Meghan is faking all of this. But… why? To get a voiceover deal with Disney?? There are more direct paths to Hollywood success, especially for someone who was already on a hit TV show. We mean, we don’t know anyone who watches Suits, but it lasted nearly a decade, it was clearly doing fine.

What do YOU think of Germaine’s latest take on Meghan and Harry??

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