Meghan Markle Is ‘So Much Less Stressed’ In Canada: ‘It Was Just This Tremendous Shift’

Posted 2020/02/07 0

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are working to strengthen their roots in Canada!

It’s barely been a month since the bombshell announcement came out of the Frogmore Cottage-residing couple that they would be stepping down from their senior roles in the royal family in search of a “financially independent” lifestyle, with their time split between the UK and North America.

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A source shared with People:

“It was just this tremendous shift when Meghan returned to Canada [after their announcement]. You could tell that she felt so much less stressed.”

We can’t blame her!! A purported close friend explained to the publication:

“She definitely gets a lot of her strength from her mother.”

Recently, it was claimed Doria Ragland and her daughter weren’t actually as close as it’s been previously reported. We weren’t too sure about that at the time, so it’s good to hear things are all good between them!

No surprise, the close confidant said Archie Harrison is the first concern of Meg and Harry:

“Archie is the priority. It’s very much still about taking care of him and putting the family first. He’s a happy kid—he loves to laugh. Archie and Harry have such a good time together. And Meghan is a great mom. She’s very much about tending to him. They are trying to live their life as regular parents.”

Family time is so important, and we’re glad they’re getting so much of it! Overall, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly feeling much lighter now that they are far away from the royal fam. A source shared with the outlet previously:

“This decision [to leave] had been weighing on them for a long time, and they are relieved to have it done. A weight has been lifted off their shoulders.”

So, how are they spending their days exactly? The insider continued:

“They both love to be outside and have been loving it there. When they’re not doing yoga or eating in, Harry will pick up sandwiches at a local spot, and Meghan walks her beloved rescue beagle Guy and the couple’s adopted Labrador.”

Sounds like a lovely time is being had by all! We assume they are plotting out their next move strategically, so it may be some time before we hear any big announcements about future plans like Netflix deals or TV interviews.

Or even possibly a semi-permanent trip down to Los Angeles!

[Image via Dutch Press Photo/WENN.]


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