Melissa Gorga Throws Some Shade At Teresa Giudice’s Estranged Husband Joe – Says She Never Really Liked Him!

Posted 2020/02/08 0

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Melissa Gorga held nothing back when she threw some shade at her sister in law, Teresa Giudice’s ex estranged husband, Joe! As it turns out, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star was never a big fan of the man.

Melissa called in to chat with Jonathan Cheban on his Foodgod podcast yesterday and that is when she revealed that she ‘never thought [Joe Giudice] was the greatest.’

She went on to admit that ‘I am really not close to him. I never was and I am not going to deny it.’

Her confession comes a couple of months after it was confirmed that Joe and Teresa had split after no less than two decades of marriage.

Furthermore, Joe is currently in Italy, waiting to find out if he’ll be deported to his native country so it makes sense the husband and wife ended things. After all, it would’ve never worked!

Besides, they haven’t really been together for years due to their consecutive prison sentences.

Melissa also revealed that she and her hubby, who so happens to also be named Joe (Gorga) cut ties with Teresa’s ex on social media too.

‘We were never besties… I never thought he was the greatest. My husband unfollowed him on Insta because he thinks [Joe Giudice’s] crazy on Instagram,’ she mentioned.’

As for whether or not she thinks Teresa made the right decision to separate from Joe, you can imagine that she totally agrees with it.


‘It is time to make new lives. I think they have both accepted it. The only thing that everybody was holding on for is, obviously, the kids, because they want them to have their parents together. But sometimes it really just does not work out and it is not working out for them since they live in 2 different countries at this point, so it is what it is,’ she argued.

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