Natalie Portman Answers Rose McGowan’s Fake Activism Accusations Over Oscars Dress

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Natalie Portman is defending herself after Rose McGowan called her out for “fake activism.” McGowan was not impressed with Portman’s Academy Awards fashion statement and lashed out against her on social media. McGowan went on to write that she finds Portman’s “type” of activism “deeply offensive to those of us who actually do the work.” Rose was at the forefront of the #MeToo movement when she railed against Harvey Weinstein and came public with her personal stories.

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Rose McGowan tore into Natalie Portman at length this morning, though nobody thought it would get a response. At Sunday’s Academy Awards, Portman walked around the red carpet wearing a cape stitched with the names of the female directors who got snubbed at this year’s Oscars. The media immediately applauded the act, with many calling Portman brave. McGowan did not feel the same way. She had this to say.

“Some thoughts on Natalie Portman and her Oscar ‘protest.’ The kind of protest that gets rave reviews from the mainstream media for its bravery. Brave? No, not by a long shot,” McGowan began her post. “More like an actress acting the part of someone who cares. As so many of them do. I’m not writing this out of bitterness, I am writing out of disgust. Natalie, you have worked with two female directors in your very long career- one of them was you. You have a production company that has hired exactly one female director- you. I am singling you out because you are the latest in a long line of actresses who are acting the part of a woman who cares about other women. Actresses who supposedly stand for women, but in reality do not do much at all.”

Natalie Portman took some time out of her day to address Rose McGowan’s criticism. She ended up agreeing with McGowan on more than a few points in her own lengthy statement. In the end, it seems that this dialogue may end up getting some more attention to the Time’s Up and #MeToo movements. You can read a portion of Portman’s statement below.

“I agree with Ms. McGowan that it is inaccurate to call me ‘brave’ for wearing a garment with women’s names on it. Brave is a term I more strongly associate with actions like those of the women who have been testifying against Harvey Weinstein the last few weeks, under incredible pressure.”

Natalie Portman seems to have been referencing Rose McGowan’s very public fight with Harvey Weinstein. She went on to say that the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have already brought about change in the entertainment industry, which is true. She had this to say about women getting more opportunities.

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“The past few years have seen a blossoming of directing opportunities for women due to the collective efforts of many people who have been calling out the system. The gift has been these incredible films. I hope that what was intended as a simple nod to them does not distract from their great achievements.”

Natalie Portman pointed out in her statement that she has collaborated with female directors on “shorts, commercials, music videos and features.” She went on to name-check Marya Cohn, Mira Nair, Rebecca Zlotowski, Anna Rose Holmer, Sofia Coppola, Shirin Neshat, “and myself.” In the end, this dialogue should help to bring more awareness to the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, while also pushing Portman and Rose McGowan to do more. Portman concluded by stating, “So I want to say, I have tried, and I will keep trying. While I have not yet been successful, I am hopeful that we are stepping into a new day.” You can check out Rose McGowan’s Facebook post below.


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