OMG, Amber Rose Got Tattoos Across Her FOREHEAD!

Posted 2020/02/10 0

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Wow, when it comes to showing her love for her kids, Amber Rose makes the rest of us look like chumps! And we are strangely OK with it! LOLz!

The model momma appeared in a video on the Cool Kicks YouTube channel over the weekend, but we could not spare a glance at the sneakers she was shopping for because it would mean taking our eyes off her face.

See, Muva was sporting two VERY fresh tattoos across her forehead, one reading BASH and the other SLASH.

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Clearly the ink is in tribute to her children: her 3-month-old baby boy is Slash Electric Alexander Edwards, and “Bash” is her nickname for Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, her nearly 7-year-old son with Wiz Khalifa.

c) Cool Kicks/YouTube

Amber has yet to show off the ink on Instagram; in fact there isn’t a current photo of her that isn’t an ad — which could have been taken any time — in the past 10 weeks. We also have no idea when the video was filmed, but the tats looked to be just days old.

And yes, they totally look real!

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) for yourself, then let us know in the comments if YOU would ever get a tattoo commemorating your motherhood!

[Image via Cool Kicks/YouTube.]


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