Paz Vega To Star In & Produce Single Mom Immigrant Comedy ‘Tacowood’ – Deadline

Posted 2020/02/07 0

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EXCLUSIVE: MGM International TV is developing Tacowood, a comedy series headlined and produced by Spanglish star Paz Vega.

Based on an original idea by Spanish writer-producer-director Frank Ariza (Dreamland), Tacowood is a modern-day comedy that follows Guada (Vega), a 40-year-old single mother who spends her days running her family’s Taco Truck business in the outskirts of Mexico City, as she embarks on the journey of a lifetime with her mother and 10-year-old daughter to pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress.

MGM International TV will produce and distribute the project, which will be taken out shortly.

“Good ideas married with good talent knows no borders today,” said Diego Piasek, MGM International TV’s SVP of International Development. “As a first-generation immigrant myself, I’m so proud that MGM is supporting the new voices of our generation.”

Launched last year, MGM International TV is ramping up in key markets like UK, Europe and Australia. One of the division’s main priorities is developing culturally rich programming with Latinx talent both in front of and behind the camera for English and Spanish-speaking audiences around the world.

“Making a more inclusive cinema, focusing on minorities, and fairly representing the society in which we live, is a responsibility of everyone who works in this industry,” Vega said. “That is why I feel extremely excited to join MGM and put my voice at the service of this beautiful initiative that will generate great opportunities for the Latin community.”

Spanish actress Vega is known for her starring role opposite Adam Sandler in the 2004 James L. Brooks film Spanglish. She won multiple awards for the Spanish movie Lucía y el sexo, including a breakthrough award at the Cannes Film Festival. Vega also co-starred with Morgan Freeman in indie film 10 Items or Less, and opposite Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: Last Blood. On the TV side, she appeared as Renata in Netflix’s The OA.

As part of its MGM International TV’s Latinx content initiative, the MGM TV division also is in development on a new Spanish-language series based on the best-selling book El fin del amor: Querer y coger from Argentinian author Tamara Tenenbaum, starring Lali Esposito.


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