So Many Trailers Debuted During The Super Bowl – Watch Them All HERE!

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So much football Sunday night… but thankfully, so many new trailers for movies and TV shows, too!

If you were watching the Super Bowl for the commercials and halftime show then, like we were (HA!), you no doubt had a lot of fun taking in a handful of amazing clips for what looks to be a continued golden age of scripted television and quality filmmaking.

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Without further ado, then, let’s jump right in… especially in case you missed one or two of these, which is entirely possible over the course of a four-hour game…

Below, enjoy ALL the trailers and teasers shown during last night’s Super Bowl:

A Quiet Place, Part II

John Krasinski’s highly-anticipated sequel to A Quiet Place hit all the right (creepy and scary) notes last night. Don’t watch this thing right before bedtime!

BTW, you can expect the movie to debut in theaters nationwide on March 20!


Not gonna lie, we LOVED Hunters when we first saw this trailer during the big game.

This Amazon original series on hunting Nazis looks good as f**k!!!

Sonic the Hedgehog

For their spot during the big game on Sunday night, Sonic the Hedgehog opted to use four world-class athletes — including two NFL players, Michael Thomas and Christian McCaffrey — to really play up Sonic’s amazing speed and physical prowess!

Very, very funny indeed. Expect this adventure film in theaters nationwide on Valentine’s Day!

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run

Ahh, yes, who could forget this classic among classics. Don’t ever hate on SpongeBob!

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until May to see the full movie in theaters… just three more (long) months ahead! Hurry, please!!!

Fast & Furious 9

Hard to believe the Fast & Furious series has been going on for nearly two full decades (!), but here we are, with the ninth installment arriving this summer.

It features a “fierce sibling rivalry” and a “surprise reveal that will truly shock you,” per Vulture, so it sounds like we’re in for it with this one!


Quibi is all set to make a name for themselves with this one, and well see how they wind up doing with their entire upcoming schedule of “quick bite” show offerings in a bid to compete with other streaming services.

The premise of Flipped looks funny and original, to say the least!

The Fugitive

Another upcoming Quibi offering, The Fugitive gives Kiefer Sutherland yet another chance to jump into the realm of badassery. It’s a throwback to the old Harrison Ford movie, but we look forward to seeing how the modern-day work takes on the storyline!!

No Time To Die

James Bond is back, and this extended trailer is a GREAT look at what’s coming up!

You can catch this installment in theaters on April 10, BTW! Not long now!!!

Minions: The Rise of Gru

Whew… there’s a LOT going on here! LOLz!!!

This minions prequel is going to get a TON of movie-goers to hit the theaters when it lands nationwide on July 3, isn’t it?!

Top Gun: Maverick

We low-key love how they kept things simple with this trailer.

Top Gun: Maverick is all about speed, right?! Give it to us then! Bravo!!!


This isn’t the first we’ve seen of Disney‘s live-action Mulan, but this final trailer lasts a full two minutes and gives us everything we ever needed until it’s time to go see the movie itself. VERY much anticipating this one!!!

You can expect Mulan in theaters on March 27.

Black Widow

Marvel got in the game on Sunday night with their Black Widow spot, as you can see (above)!

Scarlett Johansson looks like a bad-ass in this thing, and now we seriously can’t wait for May 1 when it hits theaters nationwide!

The Invisible Man

Suuuuuuuuuper freaky!!!

The Invisible Man is set to be released on February 28, but it already appears to be completely horrifying! And we’re loving it!!

Disney+ Trio

Disney+ made an interesting decision with this one, to say the least…

Sure they could have just produced separate trailers for WandaVisionLoki, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but instead, they opted to for one quickly medley pass at all three of ’em.

And now, we have SO many more questions because of it! So maybe the trio worked… ha!!!

Well, there you go!

What’d U think, Perezcious readers?!

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