Street Artist Plastic Jesus Sets ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Walker On Hollywood Blvd. – Deadline

Posted 2020/02/07 1 0

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The street artist known as Plastic Jesus has struck again, installing a walker on Hollywood Blvd. and proclaiming it eligible for the “Best Supporting Role.”

In what’s becoming a pre-Oscars tradition, the guerrilla artist – who has previously put up art objects mocking Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Hart, among others – has installed a red carpeted podium and a gold-colored walker. It comes affixed with a tag: “Please return to props department.”

The Harvey Weinstein reference is obvious, since the disgraced movie mogul has been seen using the walker to enter and exit his rape trial in New York.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Plastic Jesus stated, “The supporting role is one that is often over-looked. Without great support so often the lead character can appear shallow, fake or inauthentic. This year I’ve decided to honor the support given to many leading figures within the movie industry, without whom great performances would be nothing more than a charade”. #harveyweinstein #weinstein #hollywood #oscars #academyawards #oscars2020 @ Hollywood Walk of Fame


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