The Die Hard Parody on PornHub Will Have You Screaming Yippee-Ki-Yay

Posted 2020/02/02 1 0

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PornHub may have made the perfect Die Hard parody. The movie is currently streaming on the popular adult site for Premium members. For folks that aren’t as lucky as Kumail Nanjiani to have a free Premium membership, the site has released a trailer, which gives you the gist of the situation and it looks like some serious effort went into making this movie. It’s obviously NSFW, so make sure you wait to check this one out until you’re in a porn-safe environment.

As for the title of PornHub’s Die Hard parody, it might also be perfect. The movie is titled D*** Hard (rhymes with rick), which is almost too easy, but it works too well. The acting is exactly what one would assume it to be and that also adds to the charm. We’re taken to “F***atomi” plaza, shown the outline of the story and then some outlandish fight scenes using adult toys. All in all, this parody should have Die Hard fans screaming yippee-ki-yay, while having a good laugh.

Yippee-ki-yay has made it into the Urban Dictionary, where it mentions Die Hard. However, the expression is much older than the movie and comes from the old west. Bruce Willis is just the man who made it famous and got it into the Urban Dictionary, where it sits alongside made up dirty words from Family Guy. With all of the popularity of the movie, and it’s subsequent sequels, it’s crazy to think that a Die Hard porn parody of this caliber hadn’t been made before. PornHub and Wood Rocket might have stumbled on to a new adult franchise with this one. With that being said, there are a ton of XXX parodies floating around online, just not as good as D*** Hard.

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While people still argue about whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie, D*** Hard is something that can be watched all year long, even though it keeps the Christmas setting. They use another name for the holiday season that you can check out for yourself since it’s also NSFW. Regardless, PornHub has been stepping up their game over the past several months. Though, Pornhub got sued for lack of closed captioning on videos. They did bring former Disney star Bella Thorne on board to write and direct a movie brought the site an incredible amount of new viewers.

In addition to Bella Thorne making an adult movie for PornHub, they have also found themselves aligned with Eternals and Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani. The actor/comedian recently revealed a shirtless selfie, which showed off his newly acquired superhero physique. The site loved the image so much that they used it for their Muscular Men category, giving Nanjiani a free 10-year Premium membership. You can head over to the Wood Rocket YouTube channel to check out PornHub’s Die Hard parody. Just remember that even the trailer is extremely NSFW, so make sure to keep that in mind before clicking on that link.


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