‘The Lodge’ Snowballs Solid Opening, Oscar-Nominated Films Enter Final Stretch – Deadline

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Neon’s latest, The Lodge scared up some solid numbers in its first weekend out, debuting on six screens in New York and Los Angeles, earning an estimated $78,104 with an impressive $13,017 per-screen average. The Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz’s isolated-in-a-snowed-in-cabin thriller starring Riley Keough, Richard Armitage, Jaeden Martell, and Lia McHugh is currently Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes with a 75% before it expands.

The film opened in New York at the Angelika, Nitehawk in Williamsburg, and the Drafthouse Brooklyn. It will also play in Los Angeles this weekend at AMC Century City, Drafthouse, Universal Citywalk, and AMC Burbank. We are hearing that it pulled in noteworthy numbers at Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse, which was bolstered by early access screenings. Overall, The Lodge started off strong Friday with over $36,000 and saw a steady decrease throughout the weekend, with Sunday looking at an estimated $15,500. The Lodge‘s box office debut surpasses Fiala and Franz’s horror film Goodnight Mommy, which opened in 2015 in four theaters to the tune of $63,641.

Oscilloscope’s release of Cane River is more about sharing a piece of long-lost history with audiences rather than being a box office juggernaut. The restoration of the Horace B. Jenkins 1982 race-driven romantic drama opened at the BAM in Brooklyn and the Broad Theater in New Orleans, earning an estimated $10,240 — an OK debut for an indie re-release opening in two theaters.

Breaking the bank or not, this is a huge, celebratory moment for the film, as it is the first time Cane River was screened for the public in 40 years. With limited showtimes, there were sold-out screenings, which were likely bolstered by Q&As with the film’s stars, Richard Romain, Tommye Myrick, and Jenkins’ son, filmmaker/journalist Sacha Jenkins. O-scope hopes to add to their box office till and reach in the forthcoming weeks with a national expansion in major markets.

Elsewhere, the Saban Films thriller Come To Daddy, starring Elijah Wood, opened on 29 screens, earning an estimated $61,381 — another strong debut for the weekend. The daddy-issues filled with bloody horror, which opened day and date on February 7, is being received well by critics and audiences as it sits at a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Music Box Films Georgian drama And Then We Danced opened on two screens to a soft $14,177 while the Hindi film Zakhmi Family Man also scored soft numbers in its first week out, opening in 20 theaters to an estimated $37,789.

As we kick off Oscar Sunday, some awards season favorites continue to hold strong at the box office, including Bong Joon Ho’s dark comedy opus Parasite. Neon continues to surf on the success of the film, earning an estimated $1,500,000 in its 18th week out. Currently playing in 1,060 theaters, the film has surpassed a $35 million cume. If (and when) it wins big during tonight’s Oscars ceremony, the film’s cume could very well be boosted to $40 million at the domestic box office.

Jojo Rabbit continues to net good numbers for Fox Searchlight, earning an estimated $1,521,000 on Oscars weekend and bringing its cume to a little over $30 million. The film reeled back on its theater count in its 17th weekend with 1,096 runs, and based on its performance tonight, the World War II satire could add a few more shekels to its box office bank.

ShortsTV and Magnolia Pictures’ run of the 2020 Oscar-nominated short films performed well in the weekend leading up to Hollywood’s biggest night. Playing on 535 screens in its second weekend, the shorts earned an estimated gross of $825,000, bringing its cume to over $2.6 million.

Meanwhile, Oscar nominee for Best International Feature Les Miserables played quietly in 38 theaters, earning $29,316, bringing its cume to $323,210. Pedro Almodovar’s Pain and Glory, another Best International Feature nominee, doubled its screen count from last week to 118, and is pretty much holding steady in its 19th week. It posted an estimated $60,616 to bring its cume to $4,507,256.

In its second weekend, Bleecker Street’s The Assistant expanded to 25 runs in eight markets, with exclusive runs in six new markets, including Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, DC, Phoenix, and Toronto. It netted an estimated gross of $122,585 this weekend, with a drop in performance in New York and Los Angeles since its debut last week. Greenwich Entertainment’s Incitement is currently at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. But the critical acclaim isn’t moving the needle on its box office performance much. In its second week, it expanded to nine theaters earning an estimated $58,409.


And Then We Danced (Music Box Films) – Week 1 [2 Theaters]  Weekend/Cume $14,177, Average $7,088

Cane River (Oscilloscope Laboratories) – Week 1 [2 Screens] Weekend/Cume $10,240, Average $5,120

Come To Daddy (Saban Films) – Week 1 [29 Screens] Weekend/Cume $61,381, Average $2,116

Jaanu (Sri Venkateswara Creations) – Week 1 [130 Theaters] Weekend/Cume $168,682, Average$1,298

The Lodge (Neon) – Week 1 [6 Screens] Weekend/Cume $78,104, Average $13,017

Malang (Yash Raj Films) – Week 1 [130 Theaters] Weekend/Cume $273,567, Average $2,104

Zakhmi Family Man (Binnu Dhillon Production) – Week 1 [20 Theaters] Weekend/Cume $37,789, Average $1,889


2020 Oscar-Nominated Short Films (ShortsTV and Magnolia Pictures) – Week 2 [535 Screens] Weekend $825,000, Average $1,542, Cume $2,655,444

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas His Own Words (Blue Fox Entertainment) – Week 2 [40 Theaters] Weekend $52,618, Average $1,315, Cume $157,399

The Assistant (Bleecker Street) – Week 2 [25 Theaters] Weekend $122,585, Average $4,903, Cume $225,711

Incitement (Greenwich Entertainment) – Week 2 [9 Theaters] Weekend/Cume $30,000, Average $3,333, Cume $58,409

The Traitor (Sony Pictures Classics) – Week 2 [17 Screens] Weekend $44,567, Average $2,622, Cume $79,088


Clemency (Neon) – Week 7 [25 Screens] Weekend $12,575, Average $503, Cume $339,489

Color Out of Space (RLJE Films) – Week 3 [54 Screens] Weekend $55,362, Average $1,025, Cume $677,283

Jojo Rabbit (Fox Searchlight) – Week 17 [1096 Theaters] Weekend $1,521,000, Average $1,388, Cume $30,268,000

The Last Full Measure (Roadside Attractions) – Week 3 [617 Theaters] Weekend $189,400, Average $678, Cume $2,509,325

Les Miserables (Amazon Studios) – Week 5 [38 Theaters] Weekend $29,316, Average $771, Cume $323,210

Pain and Glory (Sony Pictures Classics) – Week 19 [118 Screens] Weekend $60,616, Average $514, Cume $4,507,256

Parasite (Neon) – Week 18 [1060 Theaters] Weekend $1,500,000, Average $1,415, Cume $35,472,282

The Song of the Names (Sony Pictures Classics) – Week 7 [78 Screens] Weekend $56,710, Average $727, Cume $925,213

Uncut Gems (A24) – Week 9 [1142 Theaters] Weekend $658,936, Average $577, Cume $49,244,449

Weathering With You (GKIDS) – Week 4 [106 Theaters] Weekend $141,932, Average $1,339, Cume $7,556,201


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