Toni Braxton’s Fans Tell Her She Looks Drop Dead-Gorgeous After Seeing Her Recent Video In Which She’s Showing Fans What She’s Working With

Posted 2020/02/10 0

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Toni Braxton shared a video that melted the heart of some fans and lit up the imagination for others. She’s walking around, showing off her curvy body, and people simply cannot have enough of her jaw-dropping beauty. Check out the clip below.

A commenter posted this: ‘Ladies & Gentlemen The One & Only Toni Braxton,’ and another fan said: ‘Lawd just drop dead gorgeous and still fine as hell.’

Someone else posted: ‘Yo ma, word to Duncan Hines you looking real succulent,’ and another follower said: ‘Ahhh….. Love me some You Toniiiii @tonibraxton. I don’t care Who Knows.’

One fan wrote: ‘Toni you know you are fine quit playing!’ and another follower posted this: ‘Dam toni🔥 u weren’t juicy thick like that when just another sad love song came out🔥’

Someone else was also shocked by Toni’s behind and exclaimed: ‘Didn’t know Toni had an apple cart like that,’ while another commenter posted this: ‘Girl I thought you were @tamronhall I was like ooooooh she got cakey! Ha.’

A commenter wrote: ‘“You killin it from the back” haha I agree! 🤤walk that walk T!!!! Whew!’ and another backer said: ‘Chile that load heavy back there but the deacons blessed.’

Toni managed to impress her fans and followers recently again with her amazing Grammys’ look. The singer shared her look that she had at the Grammys and she was mesmerizing as always.

She wore a pink dress, which was quite revealing, and fans were all here for this jaw-dropping look.

Fans were mindblown by her amazing look, and they made sure to tell her that she’s giving young ladies a run for their money.


Toni has been living her best life lately, and fans are happy to see each one of her posts that she decides to share on her social media accounts.

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