Viral Video Shows Stripper Falling Off A 15-Foot Tall Pole… And Twerking Right After She Slams Into The Ground!

Posted 2020/02/10 0

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We seriously feel for this poor woman!

A stripper is recovering right now after falling off a 15-foot tall stripper pole earlier this weekend while performing at a gentleman’s club in Texas. The woman’s name is Genea Sky, and the incident itself would have gone largely unnoticed had there not been a video of it happening. That video almost immediately went viral on social media and, well, here we are…

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According to Sky, she was performing at a club in the Lone Star State this past weekend when she hiked up a super-tall pole at one point, as part of her routine. She slipped and fell unexpectedly though, and crashed down nearly 20 feet to the hard ground below! Ugh!!!

As Sky herself reported, she fractured her jaw in the accident (among other scrapes and bruises), and was struggling to regain control of her health after the unforeseen incident. You can watch the whole thing happen in the viral clip, here:

Ugh! So awful. And SO scary… she certainly could’ve been hurt far worse than she was, so at least there’s that.

We’re also doubly impressed that she managed to keep on twerking almost immediately after hitting the ground. After all, the show must go on, and it’s probably better to twerk yourself off-stage and seek medical attention than it is to lie there… if you’re able to move, that is! Not that it matters compared to her serious injuries (because it doesn’t!), but major props to Genea for being a true pro through the whole ordeal.

The aftermath…

Days later, Sky took to social media to provide medical updates to followers, considering how quickly her fall video had gone viral. From the sound of it, she really took some lumps during the fall: a fractured jaw, cracked teeth, a sprained ankle, stitches on her chin for a wound she opened up when she hit the floor… she even mentions needing surgery at some point, too.

Ch-ch-check out Genea’s full update video here:


Hopefully the club will help pay for her medical expenses or something… but we’re not exactly holding our breath on that one. For now, at least, friends have set up a GoFundMe to try to cover her medical expenses — and that’s at least been a blessing in disguise in the aftermath of going viral! Because so many people have now seen the video, and Genea’s story, hundreds have been inspired to donate to her medical care, and by Monday morning she had raised nearly $20,000 to cover costs. Amazing!

BTW, if you’re so inclined, you can donate HERE.

Crazy stuff. Here’s hoping Genea gets all the medical care she needs, and then some — and enough donors come through to help her survive financially as she’s forced to lay low and recover from her injuries. That video ain’t no joke! Scary stuff in the strip club, y’all!!!

[Image via Genea Sky/Instagram/Twitter]


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