WATCH Ewan McGregor Share A Chilling Story About How A Ghost Dropped A Ceiling On Him!

Posted 2020/02/06 0

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We hope you can still sleep at night after this chilling tale from Ewan McGregor!

The 48-year-old actor appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers and recalled a paranormal encounter he had many years ago when he was studying drama in his 20s in London.

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The Star Wars actor explained he spent Easter and Passover break solo at his shared student apartment while the rest of his classmates were all gone for the holiday. Apparently, he wasn’t completely alone, though!

McGregor eventually came to the conclusion a ghost must have been there with him, too!

The star said he has just finished watching a movie when he decided to take a bath. After putting on his bathrobe, there was a definitive moment when he noticed something was off:

“I was suddenly struck with this pain on my back. I ripped off my robe, and there was a big black burn mark on the back of my robe.”

Whoa, how random and creepy! McGregor says he double-checked the area, especially the VCR player he used a little while earlier to make sure a fire hadn’t started — but found no evidence of a spark of any kind.

Later on that day, he ran into a classmate and shared what happened to him. Unfortunately, his pal revealed a recluse old man used to live in Ewan’s apartment and the tenant burned to death in a scary accident that took place in his kitchen:

“The gentleman was boiling kettle in his kitchen, and he was so hungry that he fainted. The kettle set fire to his kitchen and he was burned on his back, dragged out of the house and he died of his burns to his back.”

OMG. That weird bathrobe burn he experienced doesn’t sound as out-of-the-blue now, does it?

The actor was so freaked out he went to stay with his buddy for the night. But when the two began joking about how their place was “as dusty as when the old man used to live here,” something completely wild happened:

“As I looked up, the ceiling came down like in a wave.”

WTF?! Thankfully, no one got hurt — but this is a great reminder to sage any of your precious spaces at home if you’re feeling spooked! You’ll have to ch-ch-check out the clip (above) for the rest of the juicy story!


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