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Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HDAmerican thriller film directed by Denis Villeneuve from a screenplay written by Aaron Guzikowski. The film has an ensemble cast including Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Viola Davis, Maria Bello, Terrence Howard, Melissa Leo and Paul Dano.[3] It is Villeneuve’s first English-language feature film. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

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The plot focuses on the abduction of two young girls in Pennsylvania and the subsequent search for the suspected abductor by the police. After police arrest a young suspect and release him, the father of one of the missing girls kidnaps the suspect to interrogate and torture him. The film was a financial and critical success. At the 86th Academy Awards, the film was nominated for Best Cinematography. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

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In suburban Pennsylvania, Keller Dover (Hugh Jackman), his wife Grace, their teenage son Ralph and young daughter Anna attend a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of their friends, Franklin Birch (Terrence Howard) and his wife Nancy (Viola Davis), their teenage daughter Eliza and young daughter Joy. The four children go for a walk in the neighborhood and approach an RV that is parked outside a house nearby. There is music playing, which suggests there is somebody inside. After dinner, Anna and Joy go missing. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

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Detective Loki (Jake Gyllenhaal) is informed and starts a search. He locates the RV, which is found parked at a gas station. As police surround the vehicle, the driver, Alex Jones, starts the vehicle and crashes into a nearby tree. He is subsequently arrested and taken away. Alex has the IQ of a 10-year-old, and appears confused when being questioned at the police station. His vehicle is searched by forensics but nothing is found relating to the girls. Pursuing other leads, Loki discovers a corpse in the basement of Patrick Dunn, a priest. Dunn admits that he killed the man because the man confessed he was “waging a war against God” and had killed 16 children and said that he would kill more. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

As the search continues, Dover is informed that Alex has been released and attacks him outside the police station. Alex whispers to him, “They didn’t cry until I left them.” Since Loki won’t re-arrest Alex, and Dover hears Alex singing the same ditty as Anna, Dover abducts him, locks him up in his late father’s abandoned home and tortures him—with the help of a reluctant Franklin—to force him to talk. First he beats him, but Alex says nothing. Dover ties him up in the shower and uses plywood to enclose him in the dark. He adjusts the water so the shower is either scorching hot or freezing to further torture him. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

At a candlelight vigil for the girls, Loki sees a suspicious hooded man, who flees when Loki approaches him. Later on, the man breaks into both families’ houses but leaves without doing anything. Loki follows Dover to where Alex is being held prisoner but doesn’t find him, as Dover fabricates a story about stopping over in the building so he’s able to drink to ease his suffering without his wife knowing. A store clerk recognizes the hooded man from a composite drawing and reports him to Loki after seeing him buying children’s clothing. The suspect, Bob Taylor, is later arrested at his home, where the walls are covered in drawings of mazes. Loki then finds crates filled with maze books, live snakes, and bloodied children’s clothing, including items belonging to the missing girls. They discover Taylor had himself been abducted as a child. At the police station, Taylor confesses to the abduction but during a physical altercation with Loki and two other officers, he snatches a gun and kills himself without revealing any more information. The police conclude that Taylor was a fantasist and had no involvement with the disappearances; he stole the clothes from the girls’ homes and bloodied them with pig’s blood to recreate abductions. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Dover continues to torture Alex, who incoherently talks about escaping from a maze. Dover visits Alex’s aunt, Holly, who tells him that Alex is the way he is because he had an accident with snakes her husband kept as pets when he was younger. She also says that she and her husband were religious until their young son died of cancer. Back at the police station, Loki becomes frustrated with getting nowhere with the case until he matches a maze Taylor drew while in custody to the maze necklace worn by the man Patrick Dunn killed in his basement. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Suddenly, Joy Birch is found drugged but alive. Dover visits her in the hospital to ask for information. Her memories are confused but she mumbles, “You were there,” to Dover. He then realizes that Joy may have heard his voice at the Joneses’ house when he visited Holly, and runs from the police. Loki searches for Dover at the apartment building and discovers Alex. Dover then goes back to the Joneses’ house to get information from Holly, but she pulls a gun on him. She explains that, before her husband left her, they abducted many children as part of their “war on God” to avenge their son’s death. Alex was the first child they abducted, followed by Taylor. Alex just took the girls for a ride, and Holly decided to abduct them. Holly shoots Dover in the leg and imprisons him in a concealed pit in her yard, where he finds the police whistle belonging to his daughter. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD

Loki goes to the Joneses’ house to tell her that her nephew has been found. He finds a photograph of Holly’s husband wearing the same maze necklace found on the body in the priest’s basement, making him her missing husband. Loki finds Holly drugging Anna, and they exchange gunfire. Loki is wounded, and Holly is killed. Loki then rushes Anna to the hospital where she reunites with her mother. Alex is reunited with his parents after surviving the torture. A day later, Loki returns to the Joneses’ house where the authorities have begun excavating the property. As the forensic investigators depart for the night, Loki hears Dover’s labored blowing on the whistle from the pit. Prisoners (2013) Watch online movies Hollywood Free HD


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